Eye tracking Problems

Understanding Eye Tracking Problems

Eye Tracking is the ability to quickly and accurately look and efficiently move your eyes from one object to the next without breaking the pattern. Eye muscles move perfectly in sync with each other, which helps the eyes to focus accurately on a particular image as directed by the brain. Dr. Brecheen, your optometrist at Brecheen Learning and Vision Center, corrects eye tracking problems through effective vision therapy, in addition to providing top-notch eye care services to residents of Lewisville and the surrounding regions. 


Why Vision Tracking Problems Occur

Enjoying clear vision relies on a series of complex and interrelated processes. Any abnormalities or lack of coordination in the various functions of the ocular system can lead to eye problems.

If your eyes are horizontally or vertically misaligned, you could suffer from BVD, a condition that makes it hard for your eye muscles to sync in harmony. People suffering from this condition see an image as slightly higher in one eye instead of both eyes focusing on one clear image. Consequently, the brain rejects the double image, forcing the eyes to correct the anomaly. Over time, more eye problems develop, such as eye tracking issues as a result of the strain placed on eye muscles. 

Signs and Symptoms of Eye Tracking Problems

  • Frequently skipping words or lines while reading
  • Drowsiness after reading for a short time
  • Habitual use of a finger or ruler when reading
  • Confusing letters or words when reading
  • Excessive head movement while reading, writing, or doing other close-up work
  • Careless errors or behavioral problems when performing close-up tasks
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Frequent headaches when reading

How Does Vision Therapy Correct Eye Tracking Problems?

At Brecheen Learning and Vision Center, our eye doctor will design a customized approach to develop a treatment plan matching the severity of the eye tracking problems the patient is experiencing. Our optometrist combines the typical eye exam with a functional vision exam to determine your ocular system's maturity, stamina, and strength while performing daily visual tasks.

Once the eye doctor determines the vulnerable areas that are interfering with your vision, we develop an effective and personalized vision therapy program made of specific eye exercises to enhance your visual functions. These exercises may include:

  • Reading exercises
  • Throwing and catching activities
  • Accuracy eye movement practice
  • Brain feedback and eye-coordination exercises

The success rate relies heavily on the patient's active participation and overall commitment to the exercises. With time, your brain will learn to adjust to the eye muscle movement in the program, and you'll learn to perform daily tasks with ease.

Contact Brecheen Learning and Vision Center for Comprehensive Eye Care in Lewisville, TX

If you or a loved one is experiencing signs and symptoms of vision tracking problems in the Lewisville area, our team at Brecheen Learning and Vision Center can help. Dr. Brecheen, OD can evaluate, diagnose, and treat your eye vision problems before they escalate. Contact us today at (972) 221-2564 and schedule an appointment for a functional eye exam.


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