Eye Focusing Problems

Normally, your eyes focus automatically. This enables you to shift your gaze from objects far away to close up quickly without losing clarity of sight. If you’re having eye focusing problems, you could be suffering from accommodative dysfunction, an eye condition that affects your eye focusing abilities. At Brecheen Learning & Vision Center in Lewisville TX, we offer vision therapy to counter eye focusing problems and improve your vision.


Causes of Eye Focusing Problems

With most people, eye focus comes automatically. When your vision system is working properly, your eyes focus with speed and accuracy, enabling you to see clearly at all distances. Accommodative dysfunction can impair the focusing abilities of your eyes, making it difficult to sustain your focus or focus quickly enough to see clearly.

Accommodative dysfunction can be caused by poor health, severe eye strain or stress due to prolonged near work, head injuries, or pediatric eye disorders that alter eye focusing abilities. A comprehensive checkup by Dr. Brecheen, our Lewisville TX optometrist, can determine whether or not you have this condition and provide treatment accordingly.

Symptoms of Accommodative Dysfunction

Accommodative dysfunction is more common in children. However, adults are also prone to developing this eye condition due to prolonged computer work or other near vision tasks. Some common symptoms are:

  • Eye redness or soreness
  • Eye fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Abnormal posture or tilting of your head to accommodate visual changes
  • Inability to concentrate on near vision jobs  
  • Short attention span
  • Poor comprehension

Eye focusing problems can impact your or your child’s safety, learning, and self-esteem. Your child may have trouble reading, working on a computer, or performing other tasks due to poor focusing skills.  

Vision Therapy Treatment

Vision therapy is designed to improve your focusing abilities.  Dr. Brecheen, our Lewisville, TX optometrist, will customize a training program to suit your visual needs. Vision therapy entails training your brain and eyes to function more effectively, so you can sustain your focus longer or shift your focus more rapidly. We’ll teach you eye exercises that will boost your visual stamina, reduce eye strain and enhance your focusing skills.

Vision therapy can be used to help treat eye conditions like lazy eye, crossed eyes, binocular dysfunction, eye movement or visual perception dysfunction, and other developmental eye disorders that can affect your child’s learning.

See Your Lewisville TX Optometrist for Eye Focusing Problems

An evaluation from our Lewisville, TX eye doctor can determine if you have eye disorders that are affecting your focusing abilities. If so, you may be a candidate for vision therapy. To learn more about vision therapy or to schedule a consultation, contact Brecheen Learning and Vision Center at (972) 221-2564.


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