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Binocular Vision Care at Brecheen Learning and Vision Center

Binocular vision brings your world to you in all its three-dimensional glory -- but only when it is working correctly. If an eye alignment problem, focusing issue, or other abnormality impairs your brain's ability to work with both eyes' image equally, you may find yourself unable to judge distance accurately or focus on text without eye strain.

Dr. Brecheen, our optometrist at Brecheen Learning and Vision Center in Lewisville, TX, can diagnose and treat these issues in adults and children alike.


How Binocular Vision Works

Having two eyes provides different benefits for different creatures. Animals with eyes placed on each side of their head enjoy a superbly wide visual range, while humans can use their front-facing pair of eyes to perceive depth. Each eye provides a slightly different perspective or angle, which the brain's vision center can integrate into what we consider binocular vision. Both images come together into perfect focus while also having a sense of dimensionality and distance.

Unfortunately, even a slight deviation from the ideal circumstances can impair binocular vision. These impairments can prove especially damaging for children who are still cultivating their visual skills and trying to read, write, and learn in school. But they can affect your quality of life, and your ability to navigate through life, at any age. Common problems related to this disorder include:

  • Strabismus - Strabismus is a misalignment of the eye that interferes with normal focusing and can produce double vision.
  • Amblyopia - In amblyopia, the brain prefers one eye's data over the other, resulting in poor depth perception. It may be triggered by strabismus, a refractive error, or a functional problem in one eye.
  • Convergence insufficiency - In this condition, a muscle weakness or other issue makes it hard for the eyes to stay in focus, causing them to drift into blurriness once fatigue sets in.
  • Neurological problems - A stroke, injury, or other medical crisis can affect visual processing and impair binocular vision.

Vision Therapy and Other Treatments for Binocular Vision Challenges

If any member of your family struggles with binocular vision dysfunction, pay a visit to Dr. Brecheen. Our therapeutic optometrist can perform comprehensive eye and vision testing to measure the degree of dysfunction while also identifying the underlying cause. Vision therapy can produce dramatic improvements by retraining the eye muscles and the brain's vision center. Corrective lenses or other eye treatments may also help.

Talk to Our Lewisville, TX Eye Doctor

Do not settle for a flat-looking, blurry world when you can enjoy better binocular vision. Call our Lewisville, TX eye doctor at (972) 221-2564!


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