Importance of Vision Therapy

The Importance of Vision Therapy

Maybe you’ve heard that vision therapy can help you or your someone you love. Maybe your eye doctor has recommended vision therapy to help with a learning disability. Maybe you’re wondering why vision therapy is important for you or your child. At Brecheen Learning and Vision Center of Lewisville TX, we want to answer all your questions about vision therapy and help you understand how it can improve your vision and your life. So why is vision therapy important? Simple! Because vision is important. Here are some more great reasons to visit Brecheen Learning and Vision Center for vision therapy:

Vision Therapy Can Help with Reading and Learning Disabilities

Sight conditions contribute to difficulties with reading and learning. Patients with sight inefficiencies see a great improvement in their ability to learn once their sight condition has been addressed through vision therapy. If you or your child has difficulties learning, vision therapy can help. Vision therapy at Brecheen Learning and Vision Center can reduce the stress and struggle caused by sensory sight issues and make learning fun.

Vision Therapy Can Help Integrate the Senses and Improve Overall Well-Being

Our senses work together to tell us what is in the world around us. When one or more of our senses compromised, it can make the entire body feel off and confused. Vision therapy is an effective and pain-free way to improve the sense of sight, which will help all the senses work better together to reduce sensory overload and increase overall well-being.

Vision Therapy Is an Effective Way to Help You or Your Child Live Your Best Life

Dr. Brecheen’s vision therapy patients see improvement in their overall quality of life. When people can make sense of their environment, feel comfortable with their sensory experience, and perform at developmentally appropriate levels, they feel happier and less stressed. This improved emotional health leads to improvements in all aspects of life: better grades, better relationships, and better self-esteem.

Vision Therapy in Lewisville, TX

Dr. Brecheen and his team use innovative techniques and individualized care plans that offer each patient the best vision therapy for them. We treat patients of all ages and ability levels. If you are searching for an optometrist that specializes in vision therapy in the Lewisville TX area, come see us at Brecheen Learning and Vision Center. We know how important vision therapy is for our patients, and we’d love to help your family too! Call Brecheen Learning and Vision Center today at (972) 221-2564 or request an appointment online today.


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