Dyslexia & Your Vision

The Relationship Between Vision Therapy and Dyslexia

Many of the symptoms of vision problems are also symptoms associated with dyslexia. It is believed that the amount of people who have dyslexia is quite higher than the official number of those that are properly diagnosed with the condition. The condition usually manifests during childhood, often detected as the result of a child struggling in school. 

Dyslexia is not considered a vision problem, but rather a language problem. This has caused some confusion among parents whose children have been diagnosed with it. At Brecheen Learning and Vision Center in Lewisville, TX, we would like to clear up any lingering confusion regarding dyslexia and vision therapy. Our resident eye doctor, Dr. Brecheen, will help you understand this condition. 

Vision Therapy by An Eye Doctor 

Any child suffering from dyslexia may suffer from binocular vision problems as well. Sometimes referred to as convergence problems, binocular vision affects how a person's eyes function. It manifests itself when children are reading, and causes them to see a different letter out of each eye. Those who suffer from an extreme version of it may even experience blurred vision when reading because the letters seem to move on the page.

An optometrist can administer an eye test that will detect if someone is suffering from this condition. The test involves asking the patient to cover one eye while reading text on a page with the other. While this can help detect vision problems, it has no bearing on a dyslexia diagnosis. It is a commonly held belief that vision therapy can be used to treat the visual symptoms of dyslexia, but some experts disagree.

Further Considerations

Those who suffer from this condition may experience an excessive movement of their eyes when reading. This causes them to read letters backward, leading to confusion and frustration. Their eyes may also skip over individual words or even entire sentences. As a result, their reading comprehension is often much lower than their peers.

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If you live in or around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex and suspect that you or a loved one may be suffering from dyslexia, schedule an appointment with Brecheen Learning and Vision Center by calling us at 972-221-2564. You will meet with Dr. Brecheen, a qualified optometrist who will examine your eyes and develop a treatment plan.


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