Behavioral Optometry

When it comes to making sure your kids are successful and healthy, there is nothing you wouldn’t do to get them the help they need. Vision issues, however, can sometimes be so tricky that parents are left scratching their heads wondering what their child even needs. People often think that vision issues are a simple matter of nearsighted or far-sighted, but problems with vision can sometimes go much deeper. Dr. Brecheen, OD, at Brecheen Vision and Learning Center, serving Lewisville, TX, and the Dallas Fort Worth, TX, areas, can assist families with behavioral optometry, an innovative type of vision diagnostics and therapy.


What Is Behavioral Optometry?

Behavioral optometry is a specialized field of optometry that deals with how your eyes and visual system function. It also specializes in how someone’s behaviors and habits affect their vision as well. While a traditional optometrist checks the physical condition and health of the eyes, our behavioral optometrist will look much more deeply into the way a child is seeing things. This is the full visual process. Children can sometimes have what appears to be normal vision, and still struggle in school and life because they are not seeing properly. This specialist can also help with lazy eyes or crossed eyes as well.

What Will Your Behavioral Optometrist Do?

When your child visits the doctor, they will undergo a standard eye exam first, but then additional tests will be done as well. These tests will help determine if the patient has developed the proper visual skills that are needed to perform specific tasks. These tests will check for the following visual behaviors:

  • Binocularity
  • Oculomotility
  • Accommodation
  • Visual Perception
  • Motor Integration

If our eye doctor determines that your child would benefit from treatment, a treatment plan will be developed for them. Treatments can include lenses and therapy. Our eye doctor recommends that your child conducts regular visits with our practice in order to watch out for, and treat, any potential aliment that might arise. The frequency of the visits may depend on the specific needs of your child.

Contact Us for All of Your Behavioral Optometry Needs

If you would like to learn more about our services, or if you are interested in behavioral optometry for your child, please contact Dr. Brecheen, OD at Brecheen Vision and Learning Center, serving Lewisville, TX, and the Dallas Fort Worth, TX, areas. We will be happy to answer your questions. 972-221-2564


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